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Since January 2015, I have been a Principal Scientist at Bell Labs where I drive the mobile sensing agenda of the broader Internet of Things research activity directed by Fahim Kawsar. Before joining Bell Labs, I spent four years at Microsoft Research based in Beijing. There I was a Lead Researcher within the Mobile and Sensing Systems group (MASS) led by Feng Zhao. In March 2011, I received a Ph.D. from Dartmouth College under the supervision of Andrew T. Campbell and Tanzeem Choudhury.

My dissertation pioneered community-guided techniques for learning models of human behavior that enable mobile systems to better cope with diverse user populations encountered in the real-world. More broadly, my research interests revolving around the systems and modelling challenges that arise when computers collect and reason about people-centric sensor data. At heart, I am an experimentalist who likes to build prototype mobile sensing systems based on well-founded computational models.

Please visit my publications page or google scholar profile to learn more about my work.

I can be reached at: niclane at acm dot org

Mar '15 ZOE accepted at MobiSyS -- 'ZOE: A Cloud-less Dialog-enabled Continuous Sensing Wearable Exploiting Heterogeneous Computation', collaboration with Cambridge University and Intel Research.
Happy to be serving on the PC for SenSys 2015. Looking forward to seeing the best in sensing systems in Seoul later in the year. Also Fernando and I (co-PC chairs) want to remind everyone that there are only a few days remaining to submit to Mobiquitous 2015! (Due Date: March 13th.)
Feb '15 'Deep Learning Squeezed Onto a Phone' -- MIT Technology Review has featured our on-going work into deep learning for mobile sensing using wearables and smartphones. Article references our preliminary HotMobile paper; I can't wait to share our latest work once it is public.
I am serving on the PC for two exciting workshops at MobiSys this year: 2nd Workshop on Physical Analytics and Future Mobile User Interfaces. Please consider submitting!
Jan '15 New changes for the new year: I am delighted to be joining Bell Labs as a Principal Scientist. I will be reporting to Fahim Kawsar and shaping the mobile sensing directions of the on-going IoT research activity within the lab.
Two papers accepted into IPSN 2015, the outcome of some of my final projects at MSR: 'Cost-Aware Compressive Sensing for Networked Sensing Systems' and 'SIFT: Building an Internet of Safe Things'. Really love the direction of both these pieces of work.